Grub Screw



A socket set screw, also known simply as a set screw, is a type of screw that is typically headless and threaded along its entire length. It is used to secure an object within or against another object. The key feature of a socket set screw is that it has an internal hexagonal (Allen) socket in one end, allowing it to be tightened or loosened using an Allen wrench or hex key. Unlike most screws, set screws do not have a traditional head. Instead, they are fully threaded and have a socket (recess) for a tool to be inserted. While many socket set screws have a flat or slightly rounded end, they can also have different end types depending on the application. Common end types include cup point, cone point, flat point, and dog point. Each type serves a specific purpose, such as providing better grip, preventing damage to the mating surface, or improving alignment.

Industry Usage: Automobile, Electrical, Hardware,
Material: Mild Steel, Carbon Steel,  Stainless Steel
Sizes: M 2 to M 16


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